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Tori Yarbrough


Client Testimonials

"Tori's Option Method class provided an unbelievable avenue to question and explore my own belief system. I have been applying the Option Method in my professional and personal life and saw immediate results. This is truly an amazing process."
- Pam Mencher (Manager)

"The realization that I can choose to sail through old patterns, old harnesses is incredible. The reality that I can be embraced and supported so magically and truthfully by Tori is heartwarming."
- Ilan Shamir (Artist and Entrepreneur)

"I attended Tori's Option Method class on the recommendation of a friend when I was feeling stuck in some really old emotions. I've been to hundreds of seminars, workshops and retreats, and have found the Option Method to be a delightful, time-efficient and empowering way to find my own truth about what I believe NOW. I'm letting go of my past programming and feeling lighter and freer to get on with my chosen heartpath! Tori is a phenomenal "friendly detective" in helping folks find their own answers. I highly recommend both her classes and individual sessions."
- Anita Halcyon (Founder, Heartpath)

"Tori and the Option Method guided me to know a depth of myself, to discover my Truth, and to feel that deep well of love within."
- Susan Erika Argeres (S.E.A., Veterinarian)

"I've never experienced anything as effective as the Option Method, and I love working with Tori. She's understanding, generous and very insightfuL .. a truly skilled and gifted practitioner. I have achieved "real change" in my life and I'm very happy with my results ... Thanks Tori."
-Samantha H. New York

For any questions, more information about the Option Method or classes, or to schedule a class, please call (970)391-7778 or Contact Us.

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