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Tori Yarbrough


  • Definition of a Belief
  • An accepted opinion
  • Confidence in an alleged fact or facts are true without proof
  • A conclusion drawn from perception, an experience or something one was told
  • Where do Beliefs come from?
  • Our minds record and store everything we see, feel, hear and experience from the time we are born.
  • Beliefs are conclusions and generalizations we draw from that information.
  • Most of our fundamental beliefs are determined by an immature mind (beginning at birth) with limited information, experience and perspective. In turn, many beliefs may be incorrect and are likely to be buried in our unconscious mind.
  • What does this mean?
  • Unconscious beliefs are to our mind, what the operating system (OS) is to a computer. The OS runs in the background and makes all the applications work. It dictates how the computer will function and what it can do, while the user of the computer is not even aware of it.
  • Whether one's Belief System is supportive or self-defeating, expansive or limiting, one thing is for sure - it is always driving "our bus" (ourselves, our lives). That's right, all of our beleifs determine whether that "bus" gets to its intended destination or to somewhere we don't want to be.
  • Why could this be a problem?
  • The beliefs we hold determine how we experience, approach and respond to life. They dictate how we think, feel and act, and the choices we make. If we are driven by primarily limiting beliefs, chances are good the result will be unhappiness and not getting much of what we truly want.

The Option Method

Tori uses a very gentle, respectful dialogue technique known as the Option Method to assist individuals in renovating their Belief System. She starts with where you are now with your issue, and uses Option to bring shadow beliefs into awareness. At that point, the client evaluates whether that beleifs is actually true.

Each limiting belief found to be untrue is like cutting a tether that is keeping you unhappy and stuck ... sever enough of them and you will begin to feel as if you are flying though life, happily moving towards what you truly want.

Option Method by Bruce Di Marsico

The Option Method by Bruce Di Marsico

Unlock your Happiness with Five Simple Questions

Unlock your Happiness with Five Simple Questions
by Bruce Di Marsico

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