Tori Yarbrough
Life Coach

Tori Yarbrough


Life Coaching Classes

Get Yourself & Your Life UN-STUCK!

When: Sept 5th, Sept 7th:

Where: SIP Cafe conference room in the Raintree Athletic Club

Are you still stuck in old issues?....disappointed with your life? You've gotta put "your behind in your past" ---like Pumba did. Come learn how to be happy NOW--before getting that job, before loosing that 20 lbs., before straightening out your relationship or completing that project. Join Tori Yarbrough, Life Coach for a FREE introductory class this Thursday, Sept 5th at the SIP Cafe conference room, in the Raintree Athletic Club from 7-8:30pm (NW corner of Drake and Shields in Fort Collins,CO)

A follow-up class will be offered Saturday, Sept 9th from 12noon-4:00pm at same location ($49).

Call 970-225-9587 to reserve your place. Class limited to 10 participants.

Same classes will be offered:
Friday, Oct 11th from 7-8:30pm FREE at the same location
Saturday, Oct 12th from 12noon-4:00pm, $49.

For more information, to set-up a coaching session or any questions, please call (970)391-7778 or Contact Us.

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