Tori Yarbrough
Life Coach

Tori Yarbrough


Living in Recovery

My experience in recovery was and continues to be a successful, life affirming endeavor. Working the 12 Steps took me out of the wilderness of self-hate ... which was no small feat.

Years after enjoying some relief from my eating disorder, I discovered the Option-Method. With the help of a facilitator, I was able to use Option to begin clearing out the limiting, self-defeating beliefs I had acquired throughout my life. It was through that journey that I came home to myself...really loving and trusting who I am.

I recommend this process to anyone in recovery wanting to use a gentle, proven method to find more of what you may want in your recovery and in your life.

If you are interested contact me for more information, to set-up a session or any questions by calling (970)391-7778 or Contact Us.