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Tori Yarbrough

Tori Yarbrough, Life Coach

Tori Yarbrough,
Life Coach

Tori Yarbrough completed Coach University in August 2002. At that time she made the shift from Option Method Practitioner to Personal Life Coach.

At the Option Institute Tori completed intensive training on using the Option Method to facilitate people in identifying and moving past their negative beliefs. She furthered her studies by completing Advances Mentor training there. Having practiced and taught the Option Method since 1987, Tori facilitated hundreds of clients in identifying and letting go of the shadow beliefs that were holding them back. During that time she taught classes in Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii and throughout California.

Tori's degree in Economics from the UCSD, her experience as a small business owner and her Option Method background lent to her development as a Coach. She draws from her experience and knowledge as a Registered Nurse, as well.

Tori Yarbrough is the mother of a son who has never ceased to delight and challenge her... and her beliefs.

She is spiritually based and has great reverence for the power of unconditional love, acceptance and an attitude of innocent curiosity. Her experience in Recovery as well as her study of A Course in Miracles has greatly influenced her and her coaching.

Having overcome a serious eating disorder (among other things), Tori knows that anything is possible if you are clear on what you want and believe you can have it.

"My favorite thing is working with someone who is ready to expand their experience; to live happier and with less effort."

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