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Happiness is Natural

Tori Yarbrough completed her formal training in the Option Method in 1987 and graduated from Coach University in 2002. She has a BA degree in Economics and is a Registered Nurse.

Since 1987, Tori has coached individuals and taught classes on the Option Method in Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii and throughout California. She has facilitated many different types of people to break free of beliefs that held them back and kept them unhappy.

Clients Tori has coached have enjoyed results like increasing their income, achieving harmony in their relationships, healing spiritually, growing their business, loosing weight and, most importantly, becoming happier people.

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Tori's Mission/ Passion: To assist individuals to become free of the limiting, self-defeating, unhappy-making beliefs that have kept them from having the life, love and happiness they want. To help remove the veil of lies that keep them from knowing how amazing, wonderful and strong they really are.

"There is nothing so exhilarating as witnessing a fellow human being becoming happy, joyous and free." - Tori Y.

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