Tori Yarbrough
Life Coach

Tori Yarbrough


Tori Yarbrough, Life Coach

BOGUS BELIEF BUSTING: A non-traditional therapy

Happiness is Natural

How Do Your Beliefs Empower or Cripple You?

How you experience, approach and respond to life is based on what you believe about everything. Your beliefs dictate how you think, feel and act, and all the choices you make.

Who are my clients:

Are you a woman who others see as magnificent, but you doubt it? Are you strong but find yourself stuck right now? Maybe you know you're wonderful and gifted, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you don't know what you want. I'll help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Together we will clear away the baggage keeping you foggy, and let your essence bubble up into your knowing. We will discover together what your unique gifts are and how to make the changes you want, with ease and grace.

My Mission and Vision:

I believe what you want is waiting for you, whether it is a fulfilling personal life or being successful professionally. My mission is to help you move out of your own way and enjoy results like increased income, achieving harmony in your relationships, healing spiritually and, most importantly, becoming happier. I see a better world, a world with empowered women being all that they are meant to be.

  • If you ever feel deficient or less than...
  • If you doubt yourself or afraid to trust your own decisions and opinions...
  • I get it! I've been there and I know There is a Better Way!

I am a psychiatric RN, a Life Coach, an Option Method facilitator and a non-traditional psychotherapist. With gentle questions, we will identify your limiting, self-defeating beliefs and challenge them, freeing you from those that are erroneous and keeping you from having what you want in life.

For any questions, more information about the Option Method or classes, or to schedule a class, please call (970) 225-9587 or Contact Us.

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